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gcWeb is the Web-based interface for "getCal", the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute's interferometric observation planning tool suite. 

  • The form below is the online version of the "gcGui" interface to getCal.
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gcWeb Query

Press "Submit" to activate the query.  Within a few minutes, results will appear in this window.

      [?] Select SIMBAD Server: 
[?] Object Designation/Pos name HD HIP Pos (hh:mm:ss ±dd:mm:ss)
[?] Photometry Search/Output Options
    K-band:   Model  2MASS Phot
N-band:   Model  From IRAS Phot 
L-band photometry (Model)
L'-band photometry (Model)
Use 2MASS/IRAS measurements for calibrator search
[?] Calibrator Output
[?] User-Specified Calibrators:
[?] Calibrator Search
[?] Luminosity Class: LC V  LC III  LC I  
[?] Maximum Angular Diameter: Max Diam (mas)   
[?] Calibrator Search Radius (deg):  
[?] Magnitude Range: V: Min   Max
K: Min   Max
N: Min   Max
L: Min   Max
[?] Simbad Query
Common Names  Simbad Meas  Browser 
[?] Timing Info 
Upload Catalog File 
Observing Calendar Display  Timing Display  u-v Display 
Zenith Angle Limit (deg)   Delay Bias (m)  
Delay Limit (m):
Use getCal defaults
Symmetric:   ± (m)   
Asymmetric:   min (m)    max (m)   
Select Date
Wavelength (microns) (for u-v Display)
Include Current Time indicator for u-v and Timing Displays
Compute Null Depth Estimates
[?] fbol Diameters
IRAS Phot  2MASS Phot  Constrain Temp  Save Photometry  fbol Plots 
[?] Additional Output Options
Messages: Quiet  Normal  Verbose 
Output Format: 
Cal Script Composition  Parallax 
Rename Targets to HD/HIP ID  Use PTI-Style HDC prefix 
[?] Send location of Query Results to this e-mail: